Why Us?

Anti-Aging Spa specializes in Targeted Fat Reduction featuring unique combination non-invasive fat reduction technology only available at Anti-Aging Spa. Anti-Aging Spa is co-located at HLCC and is part of a family of HLCC companies who has been providing medical, aesthetic and cosmetic treatments for over 30 years in over 300 locations worldwide. We offer the education and guidance needed for you to make an informed decision about the proper technology or methodology needed to reach your specific body type goals successfully.


Personalized Program:

Anti-Aging Spa specializes in the ability to accurately access an individual’s needs so that they get results. There simply is no “one size fits all” approach to weight loss and body contouring. Anti-Aging Spa is here for you and your success. We analyze each of your 3 fat types and develop a customized program to target your fat and weight reduction needs.



You can have the best technology in the world—but when it comes to success—Anti-Aging Spa knows that experience is key for best results. Our licensed aestheticians and Doctors have advanced training in the assessment of patients for this treatment.

Dr. Ayyaz M. Shah is a world-renowned dermatologist with a specialty in Obesity Medicine.

William C. Blatter – His Aesthetic family of companies including Anti-Aging Spa currently assists clients in over 30 counties worldwide for over 30 years.


Anti-Aging Spa offers innovative methodologies, technologies, and devices. Our highly experienced team of consultants and technicians at Anti-Aging Spa have worked with many devices to find the best technology available based on safety, efficacy and client satisfaction to deliver superior results. We also provide many other targeted Fat Reduction treatments using all the best technology, treatment and programs available with compassion and caring in every treatment for every patient.


Client Service:

Anti-Aging Spa’s mission is to provide superior results with the highest level of customer satisfaction. Anti-Aging Spa cares about your results and is committed to making each client experience outstanding.

Anti-Aging Spa is here for you, every step of the way, from your first call through treatment and follow up. We want you to be part of our next 30 years of making customers smile and feel and look their best