February Wax – Limited time! 

XOXO Brazillian 

Treat yourself this Valentine’s season to a sinful hair removal treatment that combines your classic Brazilian wax with high frequency to zap away any bacteria that could lead to unwanted ingrown hairs, along with a calming and hydrating mask treatment to ensure you are soft, smooth and hairless! 

Waxing Services

Hey Beautiful! AAS provides you with a luxurious and personalized waxing service with our highly experienced Estheticians. We customize the waxing experience to you, your skin, your area and even the temperature and type of wax that works best for you.




  • We carefully wax the sides (your panty line) and across the top. If you wear a bikini, this will prevent any hairs from showing.

Brazilian Bikini

  • A full wax service that always you to take off as much or as little hair as you like, leaving you smooth and bare. If you want to leave a small “strip”, triangle, square, or nothing at all, it’s up to you.




Half Leg                                               

Full Leg – to include bikini                  

Back (full)                                     



Nose- Lower Nostrils

Full Face

Full arm

Half arm




The Arrival: When you arrive at the Anti-Aging Spa, you’ll be greeted by one of our caring customer satisfaction team. Our friendly team will check you in, answer any questions that you have, and inform you of any current promotions we have to help you save money. We pride ourselves in not having clients wait, so you’ll be led to your private waxing suite shortly.  All of our friendly Estheticians are experienced licensed professionals. If doing a bikini, back, chest, or full leg wax our Estheticians will give you time to disrobe in private and hop on the bed if you’d like. Your comfort and feelings are at the heart of everything we do at the Anti-Aging Spa at HLCC.

For each client we:

  1. CLEANSE- First, we cleanse the area carefully to remove any and all oils, makeup or lotions, that may reduce the quality of your waxing service.
  2. PROTECTION- Next, we protect the skin with the pre-wax oil that fits your skin best
  3. WAXING- Now it’s time for your waxing. Your esthetician at the Anti-Aging Spa will choose a unique combination out of our 3 different waxes based your skin type, sensitivity and area you want waxed. All our specialized waxes are a warm, luxurious-bath-water temperature. Because everyone’s skin sensitivity is different, we highly recommend that you make your Esthetician aware of any discomfort if you feel the wax is too warm. We log this information and can have the wax at the temperature best for you next from the beginning. The wax itself is then removed in the way best for your personalized needs.
  4. SKIN REJUVENATION- Finally, we rejuvenate the area by using specialized calming serums, anti-inflammatory or charcoal masks depending on your needs. If you are prone to or have ingrowns, we often will use a specialized high frequency device to significantly reduce this. From start to finish it’s a personalized service based on your needs.

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