Weight Loss Coaching 

Anti-Aging Spa consultants offer individualized coaching which is key to your success. We care about our clients and our compassionate support, education and encouragement are critical factors to helping you get rid of your unwanted fat. Programs are based on your body fat type and designed to help you reduce and maintain your weight at goal.

Anti-Aging Spa offers natural systems of weight loss management. If you struggle with weight loss due to physical emotions or hormonal roadblocks, we can help you determine the roadblocks and get you to your weight loss goals. Anti-Aging Spa can help you to  discover why your past attempts at weight loss failed and put you on the path to success.

Why do some diets work for some and not or others? There are success stories proving weight loss programs to be effective. Factors that can affect your results include: your health, hormones, lifestyles food choices, peer pressure and stress levels. Factors can impede your ability to achieve your goals.  Anti-Aging Spaspecializes in finding a weight loss program that can be successful for you. Anti-Aging Spa takes a 360° approach that addresses the physical behavior and emotional reasons why you struggle with weight loss.  Anti-Aging Spa will give you an honest education and recommend technologies and or food programs that are right for you based on your body type and your lifestyle.

Anti-Aging Spa was created by team of professionals with over 20 years of combined experience in the non-invasive fat reduction technology and weight loss industries. After successfully helping thousands of people with non-invasive fat reduction and weight loss, Anti-Aging Spa was able to uncover common denominators across the clients like you, that are looking to lose weight or looking to reshape their bodies.  By offering education and assessment needed to determine what was right for your body type and lifestyle, Anti-Aging Spa can put you on a path to reach your goals.

Anti-Aging Spa offers guided approach to losing weight in problem areas. Anti-Aging Spa uniquely targets all 3 types of body fat, while taking into account the physical emotional and behavioral challenges that people face in losing weight and stubborn fat in problem areas. First, we determine what type of body fat you are looking to get rid. Then we review what you have done in the past and finally we review the possible roadblocks that you may be experiencing in weight in losing weight. These factors will help determine the action plan that will be recommended to get you to your ultimate weight loss and body contouring goals.

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