Spa Services

Anti-Aging Spa’s mission is to provide the appropriate methodologies for weight loss and body contouring specifically to meet individual needs, goals and lifestyles. Anti-Aging Spa offers education and assessment for your three types of body fat. Anti-Aging Spa will guide you through the options for reducing your body fat. We will then help you determine the right path for success to reach your weight loss and body shaping goals. Anti-Aging Spa provides you with support, knowledge and guidance to help you reach your goals.

Medical Spa Services

Delmar Medical Spa

Here at the Anti-Aging Spa we’ve found that combining many different modalities is the key to beautiful, youthful skin and body. We are proud to partner with Delmar Medical and Shah Dermatology to give our clients yet another avenue to achieve the results they desire.

Dr. S. Michael Fuhrman, D.O.

Dr. S. Michael Fuhrman is a board-certified doctor who specializes in Aesthetics, hair loss and cosmetic dermatology. He really cares about his patients and takes the time to make sure he understands their needs, whatever they are. He has a rich background in his field, Aesthetics and hair loss, family practice with additional clinical work in general medicine, psychiatry and cardiology. Dr. Fuhrman received his M.D. from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, and his postdoctoral work includes over 20 years in Aesthetics and residency experience in general medicine, surgery, emergency pediatrics, ear, nose and throat, ophthalmology, orthopedics, urology and pulmonology medicine. Dr. Fuhrman holds certifications in ACLS and ATLS, and is presently an attending staff physician at St. Peter’s Hospital and owner/CEO of a both an aesthetic and an urgent care center in the Albany, NY area. Dr. Fuhrman, his RN ‘s, and Aestheticians perform all medical consultations, procedures and medical services.

*All medical procedures performed by Delmar Medical at Anti-Aging Spa at HLCC or Shah Dermatology.

Delmar Medical

Located at:
Anti-Aging Spa at HLCC
10 Century Hill drive
Latham, NY 12110