About Us

Anti-aging Spa’s mission is to provide the appropriate methodologies for weight loss and body contouring specifically to meet individual needs, goals and lifestyles. Anti-aging Spa offers education and assessment for your three types of body fat. Anti-Aging Spa will guide you through the options for reducing your body fat. We will then help you determine the right path for success to reach your weight loss and body shaping goals. Anti-Aging Spa provides you with support, knowledge and guidance to help you reach your goals.

Anti-Aging Spa was created by team of professionals with over 20 years of combined experience in the non-invasive fat reduction technology and weight loss industries. After successfully helping thousands of people with non-invasive fat reduction and weight loss, Anti-Aging Spa is able to uncover common denominators across clients like you, that are looking to lose weight or looking to reshape their bodies.  By offering education and assessing needs to determine what is right for your body type and lifestyle, Anti-Aging Spa can put you on a path to reach your goals.

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when determining what will work the best for any individual based on  goals and body fat. Anti-Aging Spa’s goal is to provide you with the appropriate methodology for your specific body type, lifestyle, and goals. People have 3 different types of fat and it is important to determine what fat type you are trying to reduce. Then you can implement a strategy to achieve your goals. Anti-Aging Spa specializes in methodologies that are effective for reducing the 3 types of body fat. We will offer guidance and education based on your needs and goals. Anti-Aging Spa will help you determine a strategy that will work so you can make an informed decision about your weight loss and body contouring program.