Anti-Aging 3D Smart RF Treatment 

Anti-Aging 3D Smart RF Treatment (Radiofrequency Energy)

Anti-Aging 3D Smart RF treatment features intelligent automatic control system that controls the energy output at precise levels to deliver the safest most effective treatments for Anti-Aging skin tightening, body contouring and enhanced results for Laser Lipo, anti-aging and cavitation.

Anti-Aging Skin Tightening

Anti-Aging 3D Smart RF™ is a method that improve the problem of lines and wrinkles on the face by increasing collagen production in several skin layers. This treatment speeds up the metabolism of skin cells, which makes skin look more elastic and tight. It works the best against loose and sagging skin, lines, and wrinkles. In addition, it is pain-free and helps achieve rejuvenating effects on the face.

Body Contouring: Anti-Aging 3D Smart RF™

Anti-Aging 3D Smart RF™ is a method that enhance the results of Anti-Aging Sculpting, Anti-Aging Laser Lipo and other Body Contouring treatments. Both Targeted Fat Reduction kills cells that must be removed from the body. The key to achieving the best final success and ultimate results is moving the fat that has been killed some the treatment area remains smooth and the maximum amount of deed cells are removed from the body in the quickest and smoothest way possible. Anti-Aging 3D Smart RF™ along with several other methods Anti-Aging Spa uses maximizes the results and makes the treatment both more effective and even safer.

Diamond Laser Lipo™

Diamond Laser Lipo™ permeates the fat and releasing free fatty acids (FFA’s), water and glycerol. Together, these compounds are known as Triglycerides. Triglycerides are normally released from fat cells when the body needs energy. Once released, the glycerol and free fatty acids are used by the body as an energy source. Adipose cells shrink significantly, resulting in a waistline reduction for the patient.

Key to the success of this treatment is getting the free fatty acids and glycerol out of the fat cells. Anti-Aging3D Smart RF™ significantly enhances our ability free fatty acids and glycerol out of the fat cells.

Dynamic Cavitation™

Dynamic Cavitation™

Dynamic Cavitation Treatment

Research has also shown that Dynamic Cavitation treatment carried out both prior and post RF treatment will in fact improve the results by first softening the fat cells prior to and then helping to even out the treated area afterwards. A Dynamic Cavitation™ Treatment procedure can be completed in just 5-15 minutes depending on the treatment size and positive results can be seen after just one treatment. To secure the best results, a course of 3-8 treatments is recommended.

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